about the wayv

Milky Wayv is an independent record label specializing in Tope (Tight + Dope) sounds ranging from soul, hip-hop, jazz, electronic, and everything in between. The company was created by Houston-born, LA-based recording artist and producer Bobby Earth, in 2014. The label has since released projects from artists such as Peyton, trey graves, Muwosi, and Eros, landed musical placements on tv shows (i.e. HBO’s Insecure, etc.), and won the hearts of R&B heavy hitters like The Internet, St. Beauty, and SA-RA’s own Shafiq Husayn. Presently run by Earth and visual creative director M4RZ, Milky Wayv is currently working on new musical projects, new visuals, new merch, and more Tope creative content.